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Just having Fun!!!!


S H O W #3. London

We be all night. ♥



Hello guys !

I lost my sims save file, so I lost their house and the customized Bridgeport. T-T Luckily,I still have all the .sim files, so I didn’t lost any member of my beautiful sim troop ^^ (It would have been a tragedy..) I needed to rebuild their house, but I’m done now *-*

And here you are :


I hope you enjoy it !

(the original)


At the studio!!… we saw JLo

I want to be the only for you!!

Let’s change a lil and hang out with the family at the Buzz Event thought missing my queen!!  btw Happy Mother’s day!



Here is part 2 of my 1000+ followers gift. Stay tuned because there is more to come. enjoy! :)



Untucked Button Down Shirt - Mesh by EA

Tucked Button Down Shirt - Mesh by EA

Lettermans Jacket - Ellemieke

Tanktop - Me

Baggy Overalls - Shmoopiesims by way of BarmaleY

Capri Pants - Mesh by Shokoninio

Baggy Shorts - Simsimi

Cargo Sweats - Infisim

Great stuff….as usual.


Toddler Conversions!
I’ve converted Rusty Nail’s sweat pants and Simsimi’s loose fit skinny jeans for toddlers. The sweat pants have three recolor-able channels, front, back, and side stripe/waistband/foot-band.The jeans have several presets (not all are pictured) only one of which is recolor-able. I hope you enjoy them!


Sweatpants Mesh: Rusty Nail
Sweatpants Stencils: Chunky Sims
Jeans Mesh: Simsimi
Jeans Textures: Urban Sim Boutique

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